Shea Stadium

Shea Stadium opened on April 17, 1964 as the New York Mets hosted the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Mets lost lost 4 to 3 in front of 50, 312 fans. The stadium was originally going to be called Flushing Meadow Park Municipal Stadium. However, a successful push was made to name it for William Shea, the man who spearheaded the return of National League baseball to New York City after the 1958 departure of the Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers. The American Football League Jets played the first pro football game in Shea Stadium on September 12, 1964. The Jets defeated the Denver Broncos 30 to 6 before 44,967, topping the previous league record of 33,487. The Jets left in 1984 for the Meadowlands in New Jersey. The Mets closed Shea after the 2008 season.